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Comparative Unity with Unreal Engine, Blender Game Engine, Construct and Game Maker:

· Comparative Trends between the development of video games and to play them:

· A World Map vision of Unity importance in the last five years:

· Conclusions at October of 2016

- Unity is mostly use Game Engine.
- PlayStation4 and Xbox 360 are more relevant than Unity.
- Nvidia is equatable with Unity.
- In China, people are more interested in produce Games than in play them.
- PlayStation4 is the most used in USA, Canada, Australia and Europe.
- XBox 360 is most used in South America and Mexico.
- Nvidia is most used in Rusia.

· Conclusions at April of 2017

- The situation not change and is more or less the same.
- And important patern is repeated in the game's target people and them interests.
- On the December months the revelance of the the theme increase exponentially.