I'm David, a Full Stack Developer with extensive experience in software engineering at all levels.

I have more than 14 years of professional experience and 6 years of university training, where I have studied computer engineering and multimedia engineering.

I have participated in large projects of leading companies in Barcelona, such as the Pompeu Fabra University, the Generalitat de Catalunya, the Diputació de Barcelona, the Banco de Sabadell and Grifols, among many others.

Do you need help for your project?

If you are looking for the definition of creativity in the wiki, you will see that it is:

" ... the ability to generate new ideas or concepts, from new associations between known ideas and concepts, which usually produce original solutions ... "

I propose:

"Idea" = {
"use engineering to find the original solution"

All my experience and my high levels of creativity make me a versatile, proactive, original and decisive person. I do not fear complex challenges, on the contrary, I am passionate about solving riddles.

Contact and formulate me the problem!



Java, Spring, Spring-Boot, Hibernate


Angular, Ionic, JSP, Servlet, Bootstrap, HTML, CSS, Javascript


Oracle, SQL, MongoDB, FireBase


Tomcat, Weblogic, Apache

Operating systems

Windows, Linux, Android


Adobe Photoshop, Gimp, Unity


Maven, Git, npm, ng, Postman, Soap-UI




"¿Which monumento?" application with TensorFlow from Artificial Intelligence

This project is divided into two parts: Frontend with Angular 5 and Backend with Java and Spring-Boot.

It consists of a REST Web Service that connects to the Image Comparison Engine with TensorFlow.

Thus, given your image entered on the screen, you will compare with the tagged and stored images and return the labels that most resemble the content of the image.


Interactive Background Geometries with Three.js

This project is a background with geometries with which you can interact.

It is made with Angular 5 and THREE.js.


ChatBot Myyme, an Artifical Intelligence

This project is an artificial conversational unit, commonly called ChatBot.

Tell what you want and answer what you know.

It is made with Angular 5 and DialogFlow.


Scene: Sea with dolphins with Three.js

This project shows a scene of Sea with dolphins and other animals.

Use the library THREE.js.

You can move, rotate and translate the screen with the computer mouse or tactilely on mobile or tablet screens.


Editor: 3D mesh with Three.js

This project shows a 3D mesh editor for terrains with textures.

Use the library THREE.js.

You can click on the elements of the mesh and you will see how they move.

You can also move, rotate and move with the computer mouse or tactilely on mobile or tablet screens.

Google Trends

Comparatives: AI (Artificial Intelligence)

This is a comparison between the concepts that cohabit in the IA (Artificial Intelligence) .


Learning with Artificial Intelligence

The goal of the project is to interact with a machine using IA (Artificial Intelligence).

It's done in Java 8 with Spring Boot 1.5 and Angular 4 with Bootstrap 3.

In the following link are explained the parts of the project and how they communicate davidnez.wordpress.com.


Remake of Ghost'n Goblins with Unity 3D

This project is a 'remake' of the game Ghost'n Goblins taking advantage of the new technologies.

My collaborators will be Jordi Via and Xavi Guerrero .

Soon it will be here!


3D Snake Game with Three.js

This project is a remake of the Snake game that became very famous in the late 90s in mobile Nokia and others.

In this version, you can move the snake in a 3D scene, a cube on X, Y and Z axes that you can capture to make the snake grow.

Use the libraries gl-matrix.js and litegl.js.


Enter the 3D world with Three.js

This example shows a 3D scene with some cubes that you can click and these change color and the camera follows them.

The cubes are on the X axis and, when you click them, they propagate on the axis Z. The same thing happens when we click on the Y axis.

Use the libraries gl-matrix. js and litegl.js.


Component: Draggable Divs with Angular

This project is developed with Angular-Cli .

Show some div components loaded from a json file with title, content and styles.

These divs are draggable and dropables and you can use them with the app-div-node component in other applications Angular 2.


Component: Ancestral tree with Angular

This project is developed with Angular-Cli .

Show a tree component loaded from a json file with an ancestor and children structure.

You can load any tree structure.

You only have to download the sample json file, modify it and reload it.


Nature scene: Water with Unity 3D

This example shows an abrupt terrain with textures and inside a small lake.


Component: html text animations with Angular

This example is developed with Angular-Cli .

Show some animations in html components that you can use in Angular 2 web pages.

The code that inspired my project is https://daneden.github.io/animate.css/.


Import geometry Blender with Unity 3D

This example shows a Dragon generated with the Blender 3D modeling tool that we can obtain in free3d.com .

This Dragon has animations created in Blender and I used one of them in the keyboard event.


Associate json file to html table with Angular

This example is developed with Angular-Cli .

It's an example that loads a JSON file into an html table with an Angular-Cli Service.

Here at davidlearns.blogspot.com You can see the explanation of the example and you can learn to do it.


Two cameras of the same scene with Unity 3D

This example shows the screen divided in half.

On the left side, we find a perspective camera that follows the character, always behind him.

On the right side, we find a 'multiporpuse' camera that follows the character, recovering the position always behind him.


How did I learn Angular?

In this example you can learn step by step to program your first web page.

The steps are very well defined and it is easy to follow.

In a couple of days you can have your project prepared.

You can make the example in the following tutorial.


Physical example with Unity 3D

In this example you can move the camera by dragging the mouse and, with the arrow pointing upwards of the keyboard.

You will throw the ball that will collide with the cube and the action will change the material of the two objects.


3D scene: Mars with Unity 3D

This example shows an imaginary futuristic landscape of the first inhabitant living on Mars.

Pure science fiction and fantasy.